June and July HVAC Specials

At Anchor Mechanical, we offer indoor air quality products that filter the air for cleaner and healthier air. IAQ is important to remove allergens, pollutants, and viruses from the air. In June and July, when you install a new system you get to pick an indoor air quality product for free! Call our office for an estimate at (410) 452-5601 or request a quote online. Our Forest Hill, MD technicians are experienced in offering heating, A/C, indoor air quality products, humidifier, sump pump, heat pump, and hot water heater services to homes and businesses in Baltimore, Harford, and Cecil County, MD.

Anchor Mechanical HVAC offer summer 2020

Types of Air Filtration Products

HEPA: HEPA air filters are made of materials including foam, fiberglass, or cotton. When air passes through this filter, it traps particulates like dust and mold. HEPA filters have a high MERV rating of about 1721 and can remove pollutants from the air.

Ionizers: Ionizer filters produce ions with a charge which then charges particles floating in the air. When particles are charged they stick to surfaces instead of staying in the air. Ionizer filters can help eliminate pollen, dust, smoke, and other allergens.

UV Light: Air filters equipped with germicidal UV lights can help eliminate microbes. UV lights can be used to remove allergens including mold and purify the air throughout your house.

Activated Carbon: Because carbon is a porous material it can trap gasses, odors, and large particulates. Carbon filters can trap dust, lint, mold, smoke, pet hair, and household chemicals. One other benefit of this type of filter is that they eliminate smells.

Electrostatic: Like ionizer filters, electrostatic filters charge particulates, microbes, and mold spores that are in the air and are collect them within the machine. This type of filter is 97 percent effective at removing particles and 30 times more effective than ordinary filters.