Schedule Your Fall Maintenance Appointment

It’s fall! Time for pumpkins, leaves, and turning up the thermostat.

We are now serving fall maintenance contracts to keep you warm and comfortable during crisp autumn nights. If you require repairs or would like to sign a monthly maintenance contract for your home or business, call Anchor Mechanical at 410.452.5601 or request a quote online. Our Forest Hill, MD HVAC company serves all of Central Maryland including Harford County, Baltimore County, and Cecil County.

Maintaining HVAC Forest Hill, MD

HVAC Maintenance

If you find any problems with your HVAC system, our technicians can ensure that every aspect is maintained properly.

  • Heat Pumps: To make sure that your heat pump is working properly, we check the fan blade, blower wheel, electrical connection, condensate drain system, and condenser coil.
  • Furnaces: To maintain furnaces, we inspect the vent system, tighten or replace damaged wiring, and remove any debris from the blower. For gas-powered furnaces, we inspect the fuel lines for potential leaks. Doing so keeps your furnace running smoothly.
  • Air Filters: We can clean the air filter in your system as it can trap pollen, dust, pet hair, dander, smoke, and other irritants. Cleaning this buildup ensures that your filtration system is not clogged.
  • Humidifiers: We can measure humidity levels in your home so that your humidifiers are doing the best job possible. Our technicians may also clean and replace pads in the humidifier that can collect particles and minerals from the air.
  • Water Heaters: If your tap water smells and/or tastes bad, you may have sediment build-up in your water heater. To maintain your water heater, our technicians will flush out the heater and check the pressure value. Call us if there is a change in your water pressure or heat, we will diagnose the problem and find a solution. Not properly maintaining your water heater may shorten its lifespan.
  • Sump Pumps: Sump pumps may require a battery backup if it is having trouble sending water from your house, especially during a flood. Battery backups ensure that the sump pump is working even if your power goes out. This is especially important in hurricane season. Some sump pumps may require monthly maintenance.