HVAC Maintenance Services

With spring coming up, it’s the best time to schedule your HVAC maintenance services for your home or business. At Anchor Mechanical, our team works with clients to make sure they’re ready for the warmer months. If it’s been a while since you’ve had an HVAC inspection or maintenance, let us know and we can help. Our technicians offer HVAC maintenance to clients in Forest Hill, MD, and the surrounding areas. In addition, we serve Bel Air, Fallston, Havre de Grace, and other areas in Maryland.

HVAC maintenance in Forest Hill, MD

Our HVAC Maintenance Services in Forest Hill, MD

Below you can learn what our technicians inspect during maintenance as well as HVAC problems we can repair with regular maintenance:

Air Conditioning

Our technicians may need to change your A/C filters, check the operating pressure and safety controls and lubricate the A/C motors of your air conditioning system. Clogged air filters can cause many problems, from dirty air to insufficient airflow. In addition, cleaning air filters can remove the particles trapped in the air, like pollen, pet hair, and smoke.

Heat Pumps

During HVAC maintenance, technicians check the condensate drain system and condenser coil. The heat pump condenser releases or collects heat, depending on the season. Our technicians check other essential parts of the heat pump are the fan blades and blower wheel. If the heat pump fan is clogged, then it cannot circulate air properly.


Like heat pumps, our technicians will need to ensure that the furnace blower or fan is not clogged. They will also need to change filters or check the heat exchanger to ensure they are clear or working correctly. Our technicians can also fix the pilot light if required.


Common humidifier problems are leaks or clogged filters. Sometimes the humidifier tank cap is loose, or the tank is cracked. We will check the tank, nozzle, cap, and also level of the humidifier to prevent these common problems. Humidifiers can leak if the base is not level.

Water Heaters

To prevent sediment buildup, we can flush your water heater. We flush the water heater once a year to avoid odd smells, rust-colored water, and temperature problems. When we flush water heaters, we turn off the tank and turn on the water in a sink or tub. Then, we connect a water hose to the water heater drain to flush out any buildup for a clean water heater.

Sump Pumps

When we maintain sump pumps, we can add a battery backup. Battery backups ensure that the sump pump is working during a flood or power outage. Let us know if your sump pump is not regularly sending water from your house; a battery backup can help during emergency situations.

Maintain Your HVAC System

Do you need an HVAC technician to maintain your HVAC system? Contact us for an HVAC quote online. You can also call Anchor Mechanical by calling 410-452-5601. If you have any current questions about HVAC repairs or maintenance, don’t hesitate to ask. We are always happy to help.