Air Conditioning Installation Harford County, Baltimore County, and Cecil County, MD

air conditioning installation harford countyDo you have an old air conditioning unit? Maybe you want to try central A/C for your home. At Anchor Mechanical in Harford County, MD, our technicians are trained in the installation of air conditioning units to keep the temperature of your home comfortable.

Installing a new AC unit before the summer heat begins can ensure that you do not suffer through warm, uncomfortable days and nights. Anchor Mechanical can install a new system or service an existing unit that is not functioning properly.

We install all major brands and are a customer care dealer for American Standard. You can be sure that our technicians will install your new A/C unit efficiently.

Types of Air Conditioners

Split Systems: One of the most popular types of air conditioning systems, a split system uses indoor and outdoor components to cool your home. The exterior component condenses cold air to be sent through the tubing and into the residence. The interior component distributes the cool air through a fan.

Heat Pumps: Heat pumps are a type of split system that cools your house in the summer and heats it in the winter. Depending on one’s preference, heat pumps may use an air source or geothermal method to release or pull air or heat from outdoor air or the earth. Air source heat pumps release or extract heat from the outdoor air. Geothermal, also called ground source, pulls or deposits the heat into the earth.

Central Air Conditioners: This type of A/C unit is able to cool each room in your house quietly and efficiently. Central air conditioning units are made of a condensing unit outside the home and the evaporative unit located next to the furnace. The condensing unit generates cool air and the evaporative unit then pushes the cool air throughout the home by using the furnace duct system.

Ductless Split Systems: When a central air conditioning system is not viable in your home we can install a ductless system. Like central AC systems, mini splits have two main components: an outdoor compressor/condenser, and an indoor air-handling unit. A conduit, which houses the power cable, refrigerant tubing, suction tubing, and a condensate drain, links the outdoor and indoor units.

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