Ductless Systems

Do you need an easy and cost-effective way to cool and heat your home?

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Learn more about Ductless Split Systems in the video below.

What is a ductless split system?

A ductless split system is a unique way to heat or cool your room- or your home. This type of heating and cooling system consists of an outside unit and inside wall-mounted unit that exchanges refrigerant through tubing and does not require ducts within the wall. These systems can manage up to four inside units on one outdoor unit. The only requirement is access to electricity.

A ductless system can offer benefits for any type of home but may be highly advantageous for a historic home where it is often difficult and expensive to place ductwork.

What are the advantages of a ductless split system?

A ductless split system offers some unique benefits and should be considered when choosing how to heat and cool your home.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Energy efficient, often reducing utility bills
  • Offers customizable temperature control in specific rooms and zones of your home
  • Better indoor air quality- ducts can carry allergens and airborne pathogens around your home. Ductless systems remove this risk and provide a clean, efficient way to control your indoor air temperature.