HVAC Inspection Harford County, Baltimore County, and Cecil County, MD

At Anchor Mechanical we offer HVAC inspections for clients in the Central Maryland area. During an HVAC inspection, our technicians will make sure that the mechanical heating, cooling, and air circulation systems in your home or business are functioning properly. Inspections are important because HVAC systems that are not maintained properly will consume more fuel and can increase energy costs. Older HVAC systems are also often less efficient than newer systems.

HVAC Inspection in Churchville, Maryland

HVAC Inspection Services

During an inspection, our professional technicians will review your HVAC system and can determine the operational quality, efficiency, and safety of the system. An inspection can range from a simple checkup to an analysis of the whole HVAC structure, depending on your specific needs. 

There are many services we can provide throughout an inspection, including:

  • Examining the furnace
  • Checking the efficiency of humidifiers
  • Inspecting hydronic coils
  • Testing heat pumps for heating modes and defrost cycles
  • Removing blockages from A/C and furnace buildups
  • Tightening electrical components and connections
  • Lubricating moving parts of machinery
  • Inspecting condensate drains for buildup
  • Testing and calibrating thermostats
  • Inspecting ductwork
  • Installing programmable thermostats
  • Testing gas piping and pressure
  • Checking blower components

Benefits of HVAC Inspections

Regular inspections can increase the efficiency of your HVAC system, which means fewer problems down the road. A well-maintained HVAC system also increases the air quality of your home or business. Breathing in air that is contaminated or filled with allergens can cause breathing issues and irritate the lungs. Air filters and purifiers that are maintained properly pick up dust, mold, lint, pet fur, dander, and other irritants from indoor air. Clients with allergies can breathe easily when the air filter in their HVAC system is able to remove allergens that often come through windows, such as pollen.

Get an HVAC Inspection Today

Contact Anchor Mechanical for professional HVAC inspection services at info@anchormech.com. If you require maintenance or repair services for your furnace, A/C unit, heat pump, sump pump, or air filters, call our office. We also offer installation for all major brands including American Standard. Anchor Mechanical is a customer care dealer for the American Standard brand.