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If you have ever had your basement flood, or if you may need a sump pump. At Anchor Mechanical, our expert HVAC technicians offer sump pump installation, maintenance, and repair. Foundation damage can be caused by leaking and flooding in a basement and will lead to future repairs. Flooding may worsen over time if a sump pump is not installed. In addition, excess moisture can lead to mold, mildew, and other bacterial problems. 

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How Do Sump Pumps Work?

Sump pumps gather excess water in your home into a ditch or sump pit in your basement floor. The sump pump will dispose of the water once it hits a predetermined level. The water is transferred into a local sewer drain. Sump pumps protect your home from flooding and prevent costly repairs.

Installing a Sump Pump

We can install a sump pit and sump pump, especially if you have an older home that does not come equipped with a sump pump. Our technicians are able to either hard-wire into your home’s electrical system or plug the sump pump into an outlet.

Battery Backups for Sump Pumps

Many sump pumps are equipped with a battery backup to ensure that the pump will work when the power is out. During a severe storm, it is vital that water is pumped away from the home to prevent detrimental flooding. Battery backups also eliminate the cost of repairs, water removal, and flood damage.

Sump pumps that are 10 years or older need replacement and a battery backup. It is important to remember that the battery can also run down before the power comes back, so it will be crucial to choose a solution that has the right capacity for your home. Different homes require different battery capacities. Our technicians will keep this in mind when installing a sump pump or the battery.

Sump Pumps FAQs

How far away from the house should a sump pump drain?

In ideal cases sump pumps are kept 20 feet from the house. Everything that leads to the sump pump should point away from the house, so that it rains away.

Can you drain your sump pump into the sewer line?

It is illegal to connect your sump pump to a sewer line. This can cause an overload for sewer treatment, especially in times of heavy rainfall.

What maintenance does a sump pump need?

Most households with sump pumps have scheduled monthly maintenance and cleaning appointments.

How long do sump pumps last?

Sump pumps generally last around 10 years. After the ten year mark people tend to notice issues or malfunctioning with their sump pump.

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